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Love love love these earrings!

I’m sooo sooooo proud of theses earrings! You have no idea! I loooove them! These are hallmarked and ready to go. So tomorrow I have to make up another pair just for me to wear!

Also got my glass cutter out recently, it’s been far too long! And more glass items shall be unveiled soon, here’s a few to whet your appetite.

And I have my howling wolf one of my favourite designs back in stock and hallmarked! Sending off more hallmarking Tuesday next week so if you want anything done and hallmarked just let me know!
Hope you’re all well
Sarah and the bunnies

PS: Here’s some pics from the photo shoot yesterday and my nosey models. Apparently sticking your nose in my camera lens is the new best game ever! They had me rolling around laughing at them 🙂

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