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All that glitters is gold

Well last week was a very big week for me! It was my first time working in Gold and oh it was fun! Even better it was a commission to make a pair of wedding rings for some good friends of mine. And I have to say it feels pretty fantastic that I made the rings that they’ll exchange.
So here are some pictures of the process and the finished rings. They were made out of 14k yellow gold and if you’re after one or a pair they’re up and available on my etsy page
This is what I started with, a strip of 14k gold
It was then bent into a roughly ring shape and the piece sawed off

Small pieces of solder were placed along the joint and fire time!
Afterwards it doesn’t look quite so pretty.
Several hours later it’s cleaned up, and the texture applied so it’s shiny shiny gold 🙂

And here’s the matching his and her’s set.
Of course they’re bunny approved!

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  1. That’s really awesome. 🙂

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