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If at first you don’t succeed try try again!

Some of todays batch before firing
Last nights kiln firing was disappointing, its great and awful that you never really know what you will get out of the kiln, it’s a million times more experimental then my silver work, but that does mean that sometimes you open it after the 7 hours firing time and another 5 or so hours cooling and there is nothing you want to keep L
However I didn’t let it get me down! And I fired it up again today, put it on early so it’s off now and cooling down, I have had a peak and it looks much more promising! Fingers crossed!

The view into the kiln at about 815 degrees Celsius!!

Also got to spend sometime today with my silver work, still not gotten to my rolling mill! I tired myself out before I got to it! And then I had to lesson plan for the day job, but hopefully I’ll get some time free tomorrow after work and I can have a play then! However I did mostly finish a bracelet I’m making as a commission for someone and reticulate some silver which I’m hoping to make into earrings and partly designed a new ring, that I’m loving so far but has still a lot of work to go.
The resin is finally set, I’m going to wear it tomorrow and see if it’s strong enough to be worn in rings. I like to make something and then wear it myself for a week or so before I make another to sell, I don’t want to sell something and then discover it has a major flaw! So I’ll wear the rings, if they’re good to go I already have a buyer for a set and I really do think they’ll be good sellers, but I need to be sure of them before they’re bunny approved! !

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