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A relaxing day off

I was sSick from work today so I spent the morning putting together a treasury of all things blue check it out! Treasury of all things blue

Lots of plants, and a giant pumpkin ready to be carved!

For the rest of the day I took the good advice from The Artists Way and had a relaxing day where I didn’t stress about any of the million things I probably should be doing! It was wonderful! I disappeared into Daughters of Rome by Kate Quinn which I am very nearly finished, and I planted and transplanted plants and seeds in my kitchen garden, which is getting a little out of hand at this stage! As illustrated! If anyone wants an aloe vera plant there is a few up for grabs mine just keeps multiplying!

All those old take away containers have seeds that need to steep overnight

Then went to Pottery class, and I have a few experiments gone into the kiln this week! All my creative juices (ewwww) feel recharged and ready to do lots tomorrow, between that is Yoga and Tai Chi classes!
I’m also playing with the idea of doing nanowrimo but only if I’m finished working by then, otherwise I just wont have time, but I have stories in my head that I should finally put down on paper and it would be a nice challenge to set myself, anyone else up for it?

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  1. I love your kitchen garden! I’m gardening in a cold climate for the first time, but am forcing myself to start small with only plants that I will eat right now (when I want to cover my entire balcony in productive plants). Of course, the lavender and the lemon tree are exceptions to the must-eat rule!

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  3. Thanks, about to google what to do with the alfafla, it’s huge already! And I have a tiny little either Basil or Coriander thats started to sprout too 🙂 really should lable stuff!

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