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All fired up!

Well I’m still up even though it’s almost one, because I’m waiting for my very full kiln to cool down to a temperature it’s safe to turn it off at. That’s the problem with glass, if you cool it down too quick you get CRACK! And no one wants cracked smashed glass. It’s ok though I’ve some playful bunnies to keep me company, Gráinne is in great form!
I’m very excited to see what comes out of the kiln! I’ve tried making some cute coasters and I got a gold paint with my last glass order so I’ve drawn some pictures on clear glass and backed it with opaque black and I’m hoping it looks pretty J Also trying fossils again!
I’ve had a window open on my computer all day that I haven’t even gotten started reading through to set myself up at self employed, it has to be done tomorrow! But then so do a million other things!
In other news! The price of silver has come down a little, and so have some of my prices J Check them out

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