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While I was at the WI Centennial Fair  flying the flag for CAVETSY I had the chance to get myself and the other team leaders a tote bag with the logo on it, and of course I had fun photographing the whole thing. The image isn’t in our actual colours, its the colours I felt like colouring on the train up to Harrogate and using to tweet about my trip, our real one has lovely yellows and oranges.

CaVEtsy Logo - 300dpi - 15cm - 3 Colour - Without Circle Frame


2015-09-08 WI Fair 085 2015-09-08 WI Fair 0882015-09-08 WI Fair 0892015-09-08 WI Fair 091

On my end the whole process was super easy, I gave the guy my piece of card with the logo and the fancy computer scanned it in. From that it printed the logo off on transfer paper and we used the red presser thingy …yes yes I’m all about the technical talk! to press the logo onto the bags and then pull it off for the big reveal 🙂

2015-09-08 WI Fair 093 2015-09-08 WI Fair 095 2015-09-08 WI Fair 097

And I got to leave with a bag for myself and each of the team leaders, so if you spot someone with one of these bags they’re good people!

And thanks of course to the guys manning the HP Sprout stand for the bags 🙂 2015-09-08 WI Fair 098

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