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Where did August go?

Well the time just seems to have run away on me! The last month has been mental! …in the good way!

These earrings are proving very popular!

Lots of little bunnies have been finding their way around the world, to some very far flung places indeed, as well as some penguins and elephants. So keeping up with orders and getting ready for the coming months has been keeping me pretty busy, tired and smiling. I love thinking about someone in Australia, Sweden or Alaska wearing something I made. It’s pretty amazing!

My real life bunnies have as always been keeping me on my toes, especially this weekend as we were bunny sitting for a little baby boy bunny that we thought hadn’t hit puberty yet. Within minutes we reconsidered that thinking, and Orla was not impressed!

I got to go back to Ireland for a few days earlier this month and had a lovely day in Glendalough in the rain (of course) so instead of bunnies here are my parents dogs, Freya and Kali, who are obsessed with my Dad!

Hope you’re all well, and keep reading for news of new developments and changes coming soon.
Sarah and the bunnies 

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