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We’re moved in!

hmm I think I’ll go for a wander

We’re in the new house! And I love it! Although I think Grainne loves it even more then I do! She wasted no time in getting out and exploring, the sitting room is still full of boxes and all the dangerous to bunnies stuff is in there, so currently they live in the kitchen, Orla has not left the side of her cage, she’s come about a foot away to eat some banana off me and then rn back! But Gráinne has discovered the wonder of the stairs and garden!


Hmm I wonder whats out here
Time to explore!


Oooh I can go up!
Mwhaaaaaa I found the workroom! I win!

There’s still boxes everywhere and the bedroom looks like a clothes bomb exploded since we have no wardrobes yet, but the bathroom is tidy 🙂 and the kitchen almost and my workroom is really really coming together and oh I love my garden!

And my walk to the post office goes via the castle, not a bad view at all! To be honest with the amazing weather we’re having at the moment it all just feels like a holiday!

Seriously! I walk past this to get to the post office! How cool is that!


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