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A couple of years ago I saw a collection of amazing fun photos all around Macintosh place as part of the Made in Roath festival, they were mostly of naked people on bikes, and little yellow lego men in strange places, and were entries to Cardiff photomarathon. I promised myself I would take part next year and then of course I forgot! The following year I tried to sign up but it was sold out 🙁  So this year I made sure I was on the mailing list! And I got my ticket about 2 hours after they went on sale, …..and I was STILL number 300!!! But I was in and so was the boy and it was go go go, or at least a few months later when the actual marathon happened it was go go go 🙂

The concept is simple enough, show up at 10am; hopefully well rested and rearing to go, with a camera and an empty memory card. Once signed in you’re given 4 topics and repeat the process again at 2pm and 6pm getting four more topics each time. For each of the topics you have to take just one picture, the best picture you can and it can be of absolutely anything, ….no naked bike ride this year though 🙁

It sounds easy, but the trick is you have to take them in order, so if you take the 1st 2nd and 3rd and then realise you have a better idea for the 1st well time to delete everything and start again! if you think I know the perfect location for topic 2 and 3 and you’re at location 3 but location 2 is a half hour bus ride away, well you have to go ther and back. Entry did come with a free pass on buses and trains for the day 🙂 and of course there are another 500 people running around the city too hopefully not taking the same pictures as you.

You have until 10pm to get all the pictures taken so it’s 12 pictures in 12 hours, then head back to the start and upload your pics to be judged!

The exhibition of all the pics opens in the Cardiff story on Friday, and the winners will be announced then. Until then, here’s a few pics I took on my phone during the day.



Right first things first, lets read the rules!
I didn’t go with this picture in the end, but the topic was street level and I was trying to get the very cool street art around from our apartment, then I saw other people doing the same and came up with something better


Time for a few pics before some whitewater rafting


Another pic I redid in the end, the topic was 10 and I had a few friends to rope in 🙂
The entry came with a free train and bus ticket for the day so we took a little train journey and on the way I took this thinking I would use it for “we’re all in this together”, but I got a better one later.
“Attention to detail”, another attempt that got reshot later, there was actually no bunnies in my final submitted pics!
The nice man we submitted the final pics to 🙂


If you’re interested the final topics were:

1: My entry number /me myself and I

2: Street Level

3: Camouflage

4: Ten

5: We’re all in this together

6: Attention to Detail

7: Control

8: Crossed Wires

9: The dying of the light

10: Stacked up

11: Join the dots

12: It’s a wrap

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