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The moss has been growing :(

We’ll I’m lying on the sofa with crazy bunnies doing silly jumps on the mat beside me and a hot water bottle at my back. I’ve not been a good blogger the last few days and I’ve let my etsy presence stall too, my bad. But I’ll get back into it from now! I’ve spent all today on either etsy or my workbench and I’ve got a few really nice pieces just about ready to go, need a little more work on them but I’m pooped out and the bunnies needed supervising while they run around.
We went fossil hunting yesterday which was great fun so I’m plotting designs based on that and I’m really really wanting to do some etching and or some casting! But tools will be required for both.
I have to get myself registered self employed this week, I’ve been putting it on the long finger but it has to happen. And I’ve finished the commission piece, it’s just in the polisher and hopefully get some pics tonight or tomorrow to send to customer for approval before I send off the hallmarking. Really want my last set of hallmarking back already! It’s been delayed by the fact that I got a ring stamp struck, but I sent off lots of stuff before I got pics of it and I really want to list it! Especially some of the rings and earrings! Oh I need more time! There just isn’t the time to get everything done!
Now going to order some glass, that kilns been ignored for too long!

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