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Ain’t gathering no moss!

Well today has been productive, got my sale shipped, very happy, learnt a lot about the plough while I was putting together the fact sheet, for example I did not know that it was on a flag used by the Irish Citizens Army in 1916! Hence the play the plough and the stars. Think that’s pretty fab! Or that it was on the flag of Alaska, which some school kid designed after winning a competition, now that is a competition I’d enter! How fab would it be to design your country/states flag! Every time you look at it just go, “yep I made that”.
Also got the work on a piece I’ve been commissioned to do done, just uploading the photos to send to the customer; a very nice girl altogether, and see if she’s happy with it. Made a few earrings at the same time, while I was waiting for things to clean up in the pickle/polisher. So a good productive day. Very very tired now though, and back to school tomorrow L Did a big order for silver last night though which has been dispatched and I should have tomorrow, with square wire and tube which I’ve never played with before as well as sheet and wire that I have big plans for! There just isn’t enough hours in the day!
Also set up a Treasury of all things Welsh if you wanna check it out:
I’m now quite wanting marshmallows and some of the uber nerdy wood sculptures! Oh and Jelly baby soap! Some really nice stuff out there!

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