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Teepeed cage

Well today was a creativity no no, I had an interview for a really nice school, it went pretty well, I think, or at least I didn’t walk out thinking “oh no why did I say that.” Should hear more by the end of the week. The interview was in Penarth a nice seaside town so we went with a friend for fish and chips and ice cream and a walk along the pier and a pint so it was a pretty damn nice day.
Of course when we got home we found the bunnies had teepeed (a phrase I have no idea how to spell) their cage. They do seem to be getting on again though, touch wood.
So big creative plans will happen tomorrow J yoda copper bracelet is being made and planet of the apes one too. Hopefully some more pictures will be taken as well. For now for anyone who’s considering starting something different and taking a risk here’s an interesting blog to look at

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