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Choose between 4 different little wren cufflinks, or get the set. Each cufflink is made entirely from sterling silver with the fronts handsawn from recycled eco sterling silver stock. Each bird is approx 2cm wide and approx 3g, so a pair weighs almost the same as an actual wren!

I am changing how Fragment Designs runs, and many pieces are being discontinued including these cufflinks. Once I have sold my current stock I do not intend to make any more so please bear that in mind if considering  purchasing. You can read more about upcoming changes here on my blog.  I will be shipping once a week minimum, but probably sooner then that.

A little about the wren, or little brown jobby as my oh so eloquent husband calls them!

There are 83 species of Wren in the Americas, and then one Eurasian Wren this side of the pond, which lives all across Europe. In Britain alone there are an estimated 7 million wren territories and it is the most wide spread bird, but sadly a cold winter often kills up to 25% of the population 🙁

During the spring the male will build 6-12 nests and the female then gets to pick which one she wants, although he will probably have more then one mate so I suppose the second one can choose from the rest! Weighing just 7-12g!!!! The wren is often thought of as the smallest British bird but actually the goldcrest is smaller, it is the shortest though!

Back in Ireland I grew up with the story of the Wren becoming king of the birds by outwitting the others. After it was decided that the bird that flew highest would be king,  the eagle soared off into the sky not noticing the tiny little wren on its back, once the eagle was tired and could go no higher the wren flew off its back and up just a little bit, becoming the king, using its small size to its advantage!

You can read more about them in my blog post

If required I can send directly to a recipient other then yourself with or without a gift note, just let me know in a note at the checkout. And keep and eye on my instagram and Facebook for lots of behind the scenes photos and videos.

Additional information

First Wren

1, 3, 4

Second Wren

3, 4


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