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Resin is done and Halloween is nearly here!

The resin has set! And I’ve worn it for a week and I trust it, have to be very careful with the mix though! So the first pair of adorable earrings are up here!
Also I have a new Treasury of all things green, and I have been included in two other treasuries Cry Wolf and fall colours gift guide yay! Very happy about that!
I should have been more organised and gotten some Halloween jewellery up earlier but its been hectic, so I spent last night making some earrings that I think should be sufficiently creepy, they’re made out of polymer clay and in the oven now, pics to follow tomorrow!

The view coming up the stairs into our apartment

It’s almost Halloween I’m getting excited and we’ve done up the house! Maybe a little carried away but hey that’s the fun of being a child in a grown up body! More decorating to be done asap! Pumpkin still to be carved and we need batteries for some of the lights and for our little Halloween dog, I can’t remember what he sings. 

Finally! Since I love everything Halloween! I shall be running a competition based around Halloween, information to follow tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Resin is done and Halloween is nearly here!

  1. Hey Sarah,

    How did you get your hall all orange and glowy???
    Jade(the gf) loves halloween too, and also goes a tad over board – will post pics on FB if she gets the time to decorate this year, but check out the pics from last year and the year before for our annual fancy dress party

    LOL(the original LOL – lots of love)

  2. Hey Bobby, looked at those pics, wow she went all out! Go Jade! Make sure she finds time this year!

    I wanna decorate more! I loooooooove Halloween best hol ever!

    The hall is orange and glowy partly from the little Halloween pumpkin lights and because the only light is coming from the sitting room. Our hall just really works for spooky! Especially when I’m home alone!

    I wanna go to your Halloween party, but your too far away!

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