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Made in Roath

Headed to Made in Roath today, great fun! Late start cause I’m a big lazy head, but then lots to see! Took lots of photos too! Saw some pedal powered busking outside the craft and famers market and a few really nice little galleries, has me itching to create now!
The photo marathon was a particularly fab idea! Def wanna do it next year! People are given a day and have to get pictures that fit certain themes and send them in. The themes were, your entry number, obstacles, seeing double community, secrets, movement, element, drama, the great outdoors, inside out and my dreams. The pics were all up to be seen and some were fab! Lots with jelly babies and lego men J

Boy looking at the wall of photos




Element! Yay for nerd!

Also wore a necklace like this today, and was asked where I got it from 😀 Yay! Always good to hear from someone that doesn’t know I made it! She does now J
Ye for anyone that doesn’t know Wales are out of the Rugby world cup today, this is the sign outside our local pub!

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