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Poor sick bunny

Hope everyone is off to a good start with 2012. I spent the first day getting organised and cleaning, I want a proper fresh start. Also cooking lovely (not roast) dinner, I’m all roasted out!

Also discovered we have a sick bunny so really hoping that the vet will be open tomorrow even though its a bank holiday! Conan spotted the inside of Orla’s ear today and it’s all red and scabby, not good at all. Gráinne is fine so not thinking ear mites. She’s still eating and running around, so not in pain, so not going to try for the emergency Vet, the last time we did the guy knew nothing about rabbits, so hoping our really good rabbit friendly vet is open tomorrow! Fingers crossed!

I’m also completely hooked on Pinterest! Check me out 🙂

Now for some yoga before bed!

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