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Happy New Year

Happy New Years guys! Hope you have a fantastic, amazing, brilliant, deadly(in the good way) 2012!
I decided a few years ago that resolutions would not be to give up something but instead to do something proactive, so this year I am going to say that I aim to every week do something new; that might be something big, like make a dress, or go to travelling, and some weeks obviously I’ll get in a lot of new things, other weeks it might be to try a new metalwork technique or trying a recipe I haven’t cooked before. But it will be minimum one new thing a week.
Anyone else got any resolutions they want to share?
The New Year will also be go go go on my business and on my blog, there will be how to sections and lots of pictures and if you have anything you want to see, just let me know J
Anyway hope you guys are partying, I’m having a quiet night in, I’ve got a boy with man flu and some bunnies to look after.
Happy New Year!

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