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My YouTube Debut

Last week I successfully managed to video myself at my bench, figure out how to cut the turning it on and off at the end bits off the video, and get it up on youtube! I’m proud of myself!

The video is here for you to watch, just a quick little one showing you how I start off my Triceratops cuff links.

I have a LOT of practice with my saw, it’s pretty much an extension of my arm at this stage, my favourite tool and favourite step in my work, so it seemed like a good starting video.

If you’re interested in seeing more videos let me know 🙂 I’m open to suggestions, I might even learn how to cut and edit properly so I can do more then one shot in a video and you can see my face!  ….maybe 😉


2015-07-06 Cufflink pics with Conan 050

A finished little Triceratops, lots of which can be found in my etsy shop 

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