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My first protest!

On Saturday I attended a protest in Cardiff, my first ever!

It was against the Trade Union bill that the government is currently trying to bring in. I’ll be honest I went along to take photos for a project I’m doing for a course in ffotogallery. I knew Jeremy Corbyn would be there and I thought it would be a good chance to take lots of photos, but once I realised what the protest was about I joined in!

In the end I quite enjoyed the atmosphere, although at first I did feel super self conscious marching through the shoppers in town, even though I was with lots of other protesters! But once I started to join in with the singing and chanting and feel part of the group rather then an imposter there was no stopping me! The Labour party, Plaid Cymru and the Socialists were there in force, but I was disappointed not to see the Greens involved! It did become more then a little a Tory Bashing parade but the bill is honestly a bad piece of legislation and shouldn’t be brought in, not in England and definitely not in Wales where the Assembly is saying no, and devolution makes it an Assembly decision! Grrrrr!!

Anyway here’s some of the photos I took on the day 🙂


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  1. Dear Sarah-Jane, I’m writing from Planet magazine ( a Welsh politics and culture quarterly. Would it be possible to email me your email address please, ASAP? ( We have a feature coming up in the next issue on the demo. Many thanks, Emily

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