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Last Order Dates for the Holidays


It’s that time of year again so here’s the last order dates for holiday orders, as always I will try my best to get out any that come in late and but there is a good chance they wont make it. Also please bear in mind if you are in the EU that no one really understands the Brexit rules still so the earlier you order the better really! All dates are related to silver orders except of course the 29th November which is last orders for gold to allow time for hallmarking. 


28th Nov


29th Nov

Gold Orders

3rd Dec

Australia Greece, Italy,
New Zealand and Portugal

5th Dec

Africa, Central and South America,
Asia, Far and Middle East

7th Dec

Cyprus, Malta and Sweden

8th Dec

Eastern Europe (except
Czech Republic, Poland and
Slovakia), Turkey

10th Dec

Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, 
Poland and USA

13th Dec

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France,
Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg,
Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Spain,

16th Dec


Also as in previous years I will not be doing a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale so if you are hanging on for that please don’t, I am a one woman show, I don’t price my items with an additional 50% all year long to allow for one day of craziness, I price fairly all year. So sorry if anyone is disappointed but there won’t be a sale here.  I also encourage everyone to shop small and independent this holiday season and year, help someone live a good life and support their family rather then lining the pockets of a greedy billionaire! 

Also I will be taking some time off over the holidays to spend with my family so if you are after anything in the early new year please order before the 16th of December. 



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