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Korean Memories

New Years Eve 2005 I boarded a plane and ran away for just over a year to Korea. I spent the entire of 2006 there; with a little 6 day sojurn to Taiwan. And I’ve never made it back 🙁 I’ll get there some day! I promise!

Courtesy of a husband that makes excellent bibimbap and Netflix with all the K-Drama I can handle, I have managed to keep nostalgia at bay. But that’s all gone out the window this week! I’m really really excited to be getting a visit from one of my really good friends while I was over there! I can’t wait! She gets here Saturday, I haven’t seen her in almost 10 years! Which just seems insane! So hurry up Maria! I’ll be the one jumping up and down on the platform when your train pulls in!

Everyone else heads up my shops will have extended lead times starting today and because I just wanted to, here’s a little trip down my memory lane 🙂

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