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Kenneth and Teddy

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These two adorable Guinea pigs are currently living with us and looking for a new home. They are both superstars!

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Teddy is the younger of the two, he’s about 11 months old. I’ve had him for about 6 weeks, his last owner was worried about him living on his own and the poor guy was very lonely. He had originally been with a guy his own age, but when puberty hit the two of them at the same time, the fur began to fly. We were warned he is a biter, but even with vet checks etc I have yet to be bitten by him.


A week or so after we got him, since we had no other piggies lined up to come into us, I sent out feelers to other local rescues to see if we could find him a friend, and along came Kenneth. Kenneth is an older gent, we really don’t know how old but are estimating about 3 years old, and had been with the rescue since October last year. He was given up by a family that he had been given to, but that weren’t really set up for him, he was lonely and had been manhandled a bit so he needed some time and TLC to get him back to himself. And now he is the most affectionate little mop of hair ever.

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I expected several weeks of guinea pig dates to get the two of them bonded, but they have been together, ever since their first date just under a month ago, …the 17th of Feb is their anniversary for anyone that’s interested 🙂 And both of them seem much happier and definitely more vocal since they found a friend. One of the cutest things I ever saw, was Kenneth grooming Teddy, Teddy was so relaxed he plopped over onto his side, yawned and pretty much fell asleep 🙂

They both love love love attention and Teddy in particular has buckets of energy and loves when I let him out for a run in the sitting room, he is hilarious to watch. Kenneth is more likely to follow you around the room begging for a rub or a snack but he will have a little run, and since you can’t really see his feet for his hair its somewhat like watching a wig run around the room.

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These guys will make great pets but they will need a decent bit of room, and will demand your affection 🙂  and don’t dare be late with the dinner veggies because wow can the two of them make a racket!

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So if you or anyone you know might be interested get on over to the RCT friends of the animals and apply for them! And any questions, just ask 🙂

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