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I saved a Toad, as a thank you he modeled for ETSY.

On Thursdays I head to the Irish Thymes pub for the Caerphilly writers meeting. Usually I’m on my bike, but this week the weather was nasty and I got a lift. We parked in the train station and started walking towards the pub. Along the way I narrowly avoided stepping on a humongous Toad,…. or at least it was pretty huge to me since I don’t think I’ve ever seen a real life toad before.The not so little guy was just chilling in the car park, and would probably have gotten flattened by someone before the evening was out. So I decided to save him; amazingly Jason (my lift) was too busy laughing to actually video the attempted rescue.Etsy Toad 012 small


It was a toad, so kinda icky and slimy and I didn’t really want to touch it. So I tried just nudging it with my boot, nope the toad was comfy. Then there was some shouting encouragment at the little guy, cue more laughing from Jason. Some head scratching. And I will admit I nearly walked away a few times not sure what to do. Finally I remembered I had a piece of card in my bag and realised it’s just like a very very big heavy slimy spider.

The piece of card was left over from a meet up of the Cardiff and the Valleys etsy team earlier in the week, hence the branding. I also had my camera with me and the etsy sign with the toad was too tempting to not take a pic of, so between picking the toad up and placing it in the relative safety of some near-by bushes, it earned it’s keep with some modelling.

Etsy Toad 020 small
NOT MOVING! And you can’t make me!

.Etsy Toad 021 small

Etsy Toad 023 small
Clocking off work


Etsy Toad 013 small
My favorite pic 🙂

I think I’ll have to use some of these pics on my website 🙂

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