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I’m back, with a new shop and all :)

Missed my girls while I was away and they
were angry at me for leaving! But I think we’re
back on good terms now!

Oh I had a lovely week off! I went back to Ireland for a family wedding (which was amazing) and got to meet up with lots of people both family and friends. I did miss my bench though! But hopped right back on when I got home on Tuesday, and it felt great! I have some lovely designs I’m waiting for a sunny day to photograph and show you guys, but given the crazy weather at the moment that could be a while!

I’ve also set up a brand new shop over on Art Fire, please check it out and let me know what you think and if you have heard good or bad things about the site, please pass them on!

And I just got a delivery so it’s too the bench I go!

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