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If you go down to the woods today….

Fern Earrings 8One of the very very best things about the new house, is the fact that nature is just everywhere around us now. I look out from my bench at the birds in the garden with green hills in the background, and my trip to the post office is past a park and around a castle….On my girly bike I feel like I’m in a movie  🙂

And of course all this nature is inspiring me, so you may have noticed some new pieces have hit my shop over the last few weeks, and more will be coming soon, I’m particularly excited about a piece on my bench at the moment, fingers crossed it works out!


Fern Cufflinks 5

And my photos have changed again 🙂 I’d love you’re opinion on the new style, I wont be using it for all my pieces I don’t think Oak leaves and constellations for example really work, but for my woodland ranges I’m pretty happy with it.

5mm bark ring on leaf 2 set of 5mm bark rings 3 Ash earrings 2

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