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I am now registered self employed! Let the games begin!

Well I’ve just filled in and submitted the online self employed form Wonderfully easy compared to what I was expecting! Should have gotten around to it earlier, I was expecting it to take hours! But it’s fine anyway I only launched properly start of Sept and didn’t take any money in till a few weeks in so I’m still well within the 3 month register yourself window. I presume I will hear from them now to tell me what to do, I’ll give it a week or two and if not I’ll give them a bell. I feel better now I get to tick another thing off my GIANT to do list!
I also finished a silver bracelet which I’ve been nearly finished for a while now, and worked a little on another project. The day job is very much interfering with the business at the moment but joy of joys next week is midterm! This apt is going to be a factory all week long, I have so many plans I haven’t had time to put into action, oooooh!
I have a few pieces ready to photograph and list and just haven’t had the time to get them done either! Oh for a 30 hour day! Only one more day till midterm though! Nothings gonna bring me down tonight!

In honour of today being spirit day I put together a Treasury of all things purple, check it out, some fab stuff!

I have been spending a decent amount of time reading the newsletters I get from etsy and I really liked this one so thought I’d share it. It’s fab to hear someone took the chance and didn’t end up with egg on her face!

Don’t forget to plan some fab Halloween pics!

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