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Happy New Year! A little of what I got up to last year and how we celebrated NYE

Woohooo it’s 2017!

I didn’t have anything massively awful happen to me in 2016, but I really didn’t have all that much good stuff happen either so quite happy to move on. It was just the year that never happened, the plans I had last Jan are still mostly unrealised and while I seemed to be running around and stressed and in a rush the whole time, it didn’t feel like I got all that much done! But happily there were a few exceptions.

Etsy Made Local went really really well! I’m delighted with what we pulled off and you can see the photos and lots of the amazing makers that were involved here

It was also great to be involved with the stunning Etsy Shop in Bristol and for the teams to work together.  Cheers Amanda and Alice for including us!

Along with the Etsy side of things I went to two captains summits full of amazing people and lots of inspiring stories 🙂 And CAVETSY is shaping up to be a lot better for it! And I really really enjoyed the extra few days in Paris with the hubby 🙂

I also had an article published in Findings the Association of Contemporary Jewellers magazine about CAVETSY with my words and my photos it was probably the best bit of post I received this year! There was bouncing up and down!

Mostly my writing fell to the wayside this year and thats something I am already working to remedy but I did get an anecdote printed in Readers Digest and paid for it so technically I’m not an amateur anymore 😉 ye ye it’s a stretch, but hopefully it wont be a stretch much longer!

2016-08-14 60s-80s photoshoot 401I took a LOT of photos! 2016 was a year of photos! And my photos have improved so much, which is a great feeling! My first time shooting with models was terrifying but I’m so happy with those photos, and I shot a friends wedding which was several steps past terrifying but again I got some photos I’m pretty happy with 🙂 I sold my first photo, to Planet Magazine and then spotted it for sale in the bookshop at Hay festival so I’m claiming that as I was part of the Hay Festival 😉2016-08-14 60s-80s photoshoot 495

On the jewellery side, business is growing and I have several repeat customers which feels extra great! It’s been a year of wedding rings and seeing photos from peoples weddings and hearing engagement and wedding stories is one of the best parts of the job! I didn’t get many new items released, lots of prototypes but nothing finished which I’m working to get remedied asap! But I did learn a lot of new skills. I got to spend an AMAZING few days in the college of West Dean studying enamelling with Jane Short an absolute master! Have you seen the millenium dish she made! Wow! I also got to spend a fantastic day in Birmingham with  Katherine Campbell Legg learning all about Keum Boo, she’s a truly talented jeweller and a lovely woman! And I have two new ranges of jewellery I’m really really excited about that I will hopefully get released before Feb!

I also saw a bit of silly Shakespeare in the summer, had a quick trip back to Ireland for a cousins birthday which was a blast, had a friend I knew in Korea and hadn’t seen in 10 years come to stay!!!! Come back Maria! And dyed my hair red and then blue 🙂 And I strangely feel like me now that half my hair is blue!

Huh typing that up actually makes it feel like it was a pretty busy and good year! Ace!

This whole weekend has been a goodbye to 2016 with lots of lovely people so it definitely ended on a high. We had a burning on Friday night getting rid of the bad bits of 2016 and saying good bye to it all, I don’t have photos because about a half hour before everyone arrived I went and sprained my foot and I ended up in Ystrad hospital getting X-rays, all good no breaks and we were home and all in 2 hours with our house still standing! Go the NHS! We had left friends with firewood and blow torches so house still standing wasn’t a given!

Then for proper new Yeras Eve we partied in style at a casino night at friends house, I had a photo booth so some brilliant photos from that! Lots of cocktail and lots of fun and no hospital visits! Here’s hoping the rest of 2017 is as much fun with just a little less hangover!

So Happy New Year!

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