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Halloween pics :)

Well it’s been a funny ol Halloween, and yes I know Halloween is actually tomorrow, but the UK has given me a damn good reason to miss Ireland! Halloween is not a bank holiday here! So like Paddys day, I have to go to work! Smelly Wales! And it’s not like you get a day off for Bonfire night or St Davids day! Cheated out of two days off work!
Anywho that’s why we did Halloween last night, initially the plan was zombie crawl, and then pub, but then our zombie friends bailed and it was raining so we pulled together these fantastic costumes

and went straight to the pub. Good night was had, but Simon was the only other person dressed up in the entire place! Poor show Cardiff! Although there were some fab costumes walking around town, including a hoarde of pirates that looked particularly fab!
So whether you did Halloween already, or you actually have tomorrow off, or bonfire night (I just don’t get it) is more your thing, don’t forget to send on your photos to for a chance to win J
Also got a fab new treasury up of all things red, check it out!

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