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Extinction Rebellion Rebel Rising Cymru

A couple of weeks ago I joined the Rebel Rising Cymru event in Borth, Ceredigion.

It was a chance for members of XR Cymru (Extincton Rebellion Wales) to get ready for the action happening in London next month. But also to unwind and refresh and shake off some of the doom and gloom of the state of the world. There were talks and workshops on processing grief and on proactive productive ways to make the world a better place, training for non violent protest, taster sessions on what XR is, print block fabric painting, sewing and training for the red brigade, a host of childrens activities and lots of music and performances.

The people there were some of the nicest I have ever met! It was a lovely welcoming inclusive space, and every conversation I struck up was with someone interesting and motivated. Everything was on a donation basis be that of money or time and the motto was that we are all crew. The food the kitchen prepared was absolutely delicious! It was a zero waste event, people brought their own cutlery etc and just mucked in helping eachother out. But they also partied till the wee hours and the céilí on the Friday night was a particular highlight.

I joined in with a moon choir which was just made all the more amazing by the most stunning full moon and a moonrise that left people speechless. Another highlight was a grieving for Gaia workshop which was very much outside my comfort zone being that it was interpretative theatre of a sorts; but very much worthwhile and fun, and I was glad I didn’t just run away. 

We were also just minutes from the beach and on both the Friday and Saturday I went for a swim in the sea, something I can’t remember the last time I did! It was wonderful and I need to make it happen more! On the Sunday there were a few too many jellyfish for my liking so I made do with a nice long morning walk on the beach. 

For the majority of the weekend I turned my phone off and left my camera in the tent but I did manage a few quick snaps on the Saturday afternoon and for the closing ceremony, so here they are, I hope you enjoy. 

I myself can’t go to London for the upcoming rebellion, for various reasons I’ll be posting about soon, but you can find information about it here and this rebellion is truly international so check out if there is an event near you.  I do know a lot of people going and I know that they are giving up their time and often their money so I would like to donate.

With that in mind from now until Halloween any dinosaurs earrings or cufflinks sold on my website will result in a £10 donation to Extinction Rebellion to help the cause. I feel like dinosaurs are fitting as we try to avoid more extinctions and loss! 

The dinosaurs can be found here

or you can donate directly to Extinction Rebellion yourself here

Thank you to Lex for suggesting and bringing me to the event, a good lot of the print blocks in the photos are his and he will be at London printing there too, I love my new improved hoody! 

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