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Etsy Captains Summit



Last weekend was the Etsy Team Captains Summit in Bristol, and I got to go! Squeee!!!

It was an absolutely amazing weekend from start to finish and I met so many great people and learnt lots and lots. Honestly I was already a pretty big fan of etsy, It allowed me to get started, and it’s my go to for presents for friends, family and myself πŸ™‚ but this weekend really proved that the company is behind us sellers and that they’re going to help us reach for the sky.

My team Cardiff and the Valleys is pretty new and we’re still getting it off the ground, but I’m lucky that I have Colin as a fellow leader; who also got to come to the conference, and a couple of other very very eager sellers that have been hounding me for information. There is lots to come, the whole thing is really very exciting, and if you’re an etsy seller in the area please join and message me for details asap, since we’re having a big meeting next Tuesday. If you’re an etsy seller elsewhere in the UK I 100% encourage you to get into the Teams forums and find your local team. This is going to be a very exciting year to be involved in Etsy UK, as a seller or as a spoilt for choice buyer.

So I’ll leave you with a few pictures from the weekend and enjoy the super long weekend everyone πŸ™‚


2015-03-29 ETSY captains summit 001
Bristol on the Friday night for a little wander round
2015-03-29 ETSY captains summit 022
Saturday morning on the way to the conference on the SS great Britain.



2015-03-29 ETSY captains summit 028
Pretty boats
2015-03-29 ETSY captains summit 031
Cutest garden ever!
2015-03-29 ETSY captains summit 034
There was an official photographer there all weekend snapping pics of us, I thought he deserved to have his photo taken too.
2015-03-29 ETSY captains summit 036
We started the summit; after yummy breakfast, with a scavanger photo hunt around the SS Great Britain
2015-03-29 ETSY captains summit 047
The ship is beautiful, I really need to go back for a proper relaxed look around.
2015-03-29 ETSY captains summit 052
It’s a kinda selfie πŸ™‚
2015-03-29 ETSY captains summit 060
Sam one of the other sellers poses with Brunel. Check out his etsy shop
2015-03-29 ETSY captains summit 063
Serious detective work!
2015-03-29 ETSY captains summit 066
I just thought the anchor was pretty πŸ™‚
2015-03-29 ETSY captains summit 069
Colin has decided to make a plan
2015-03-29 ETSY captains summit 082
The ship came complete with creepy manequins, this one was cooking dinner
2015-03-29 ETSY captains summit 090
Fish for dinner
2015-03-29 ETSY captains summit 100
The wheels on the boat go round and round
2015-03-29 ETSY captains summit 139
Then we got into the serious work. These are some of the team captains and leaders that arranged pop up shops around Christmas last year in Brighton. Cambridge, Glasgow, Leeds, and even Greece
2015-03-29 ETSY captains summit 154
A smiley Rebecca that makes amazing maternity PJs Check out her etsy shop
2015-03-29 Etsy Captains Summit 157
Roberta getting our group organised for one of the round table activities Check out her etsy shop
2015-03-29 Etsy Captains Summit 158
Some Esty admin people, this is Jo with a lovely big smile on her face.
2015-03-29 Etsy Captains Summit 160
Another Etsy admin, the lovely Susannah who was responsible for organizing the fantastic event.
2015-03-29 Etsy Captains Summit 159
Melodie from Slinky Links in London, who was nice enough to meet me at the train station to walk to the hotel, then so easy to talk to that we stopped paying attention and got lost! Check out her lovely etsy shop
2015-03-29 Etsy Captains Summit 161
Roleplay session with Sam and Nausika who came all the way from Greece! Check out her etsy shop
2015-03-29 Etsy Captains Summit 169
A lovely smiley Grace from Bristol, her crochet is amazing! Check out her etsy shop
2015-03-29 Etsy Captains Summit 171
Yvette from Cambridge, a team that were nice enough to do a google hangout with myself and Colin a few weeks ago to give us an idea of what we were letting ourselves in for! Check out her shop
2015-03-29 Etsy Captains Summit 174
Debbie another of the very helpful Cambridge team that gave up her time to answer mine and Colins questions. Check out her etsy shop
2015-03-29 Etsy Captains Summit 175
Serius concentration from Emma and Lyndsey Check out their shops
2015-03-29 Etsy Captains Summit 179
Etsy peops answering questions, they actually managed to make policy and computer engineering interesting! Good work guys!
2015-03-29 Etsy Captains Summit 189
And then it’s all over, Debbie and Dayzee are heading home πŸ™‚


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