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Ding dong wedding bells

Sarah&Conan-1So I promised a post on our wedding and here it is, packed with pictures 🙂 Sarah&Conan-3

We got married on the 1st of May in Cardiff in City hall with a small group of friends and family and it was the best I could have expected the day to be. The people that came were all people we’re really close to and really lovely happy people.

The legal side had all been sorted out well in advance and the staff in City Hall were great, the rest of the day was a bit more all over the place. But everything worked out in the end! Sarah&Conan-4

We’re all done and married! One of the few pictures we got granny in!








The City Hall ceremony was amazingly short, and went perfectly…except they forgot to press play on the music we had chosen to walk in to; Apocalyptica Nothing Else Matters, then they decided to let it play for a while which was a little awkward while we stood there just listening to music, but we told them to cut it off before it got too heavy. We only had 17 people and we walked in together and even still walking into the room was quite intimidating, I bow down to anyone that walks in to 100+ people! I don’t think I could have done it!

After the legal stuff was out of the way, we headed to the Gorsedd Stones in Bute Park to have the ceremony we really wanted. We had a very rough plan for a handfasting with my Dad officiating, and Granny handing the cord to our mothers to tie us together, all the while Siobhan one of my oldest friends was playing the tin whistle. There was giggling and it was very disorganised but we pulled it off and then Conans brother Gav plied us and then everyone else with mead. Oh I love mead!


Sarah&Conan-61 Sarah&Conan-65 Sarah&Conan-66 Sarah&Conan-67 Sarah&Conan-72 Sarah&Conan-101

We also fed each other cake and then let everyone else dive in to help finish it. The cake was a beautiful (dairy free) chocolate biscuit Conans mother had made for us, and we got a work out cutting through it! But it was yummy! Of course we were in Wales so it then started raining and we all hid under a tree with our mead and cake talking and having the speeches section of the day. I say speeches but it wasn’t really speeches, we had poems and Granny spoke in Irish and people could just say something if they wanted, very relaxed. Sarah&Conan-104

Accidently the timing worked out perfect and we hopped on a boat out of the park and over to the Bay where we would be having dinner.

I of course made the rings 🙂
The family picture

Sarah&Conan-116 Sarah&Conan-158 Sarah&Conan-173

We went for a drink in the lovely Terra Nova and then for yummy Turkish food in Bosphorus. The staff couldn’t have been nicer! When Conan broke a glass within minutes of sitting down they just laughed it off, said it was good luck and offered to bring over a plate for us to smash too. Really lovely people, really lovely food!


A few hours later and ready to explode we made our way to VIP piano lounge, colonized a corner and drank cocktails and danced the night away to Shirley Bassey and Dean Martin.

It was the perfect wedding!

Thanks for the pics Rach 🙂

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