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2015-07-06 Cufflink pics with Conan 015I got an email a few weeks ago that really really shocked me! It made me realise I had never gotten around to taking photos of any of my cufflinks on a model! Huge oversight! I make lots of lovely cufflinks!

When we did my big photoshoot last year; thanks again everyone for that! It was all girls and none of us thought to bring a shirt that took cufflinks, …I know not very well thought out, but it was my first photoshoot with models and I was very very nervous! Thats the excuse I’m going with anyway! So roll on mid June and I got a message asking to see a pic of the cufflinks on someone for scale.

2015-07-06 Cufflink pics with Conan 044Fortunately I’m now married, so I have a boy who has to do what I tell him….thats how married life works right? Or more accurately I have access to a lovely fella that’s willing to play along with my setting up a photo studio in our sitting room on a Monday night. So here’s a few of the pictures, more can be seen over on facebook, and I’ll get around to putting them in my listings later in the week.


And of course all of these cufflinks are sterling silver and can be found on my Etsy and Notonthehighstreet stores. And if you really like cufflinks, join the club 🙂

2015-07-06 Cufflink pics with Conan 0312015-07-06 Cufflink pics with Conan 0452015-07-06 Cufflink pics with Conan 002   2015-07-06 Cufflink pics with Conan 038   2015-07-06 Cufflink pics with Conan 0572015-07-06 Cufflink pics with Conan 050

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