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All the Yoga

I’m all yoga’d out, and smiling! I’ve really let my practice go over the last few months what with the house move and just being lazy and silly. So I dived back in this month. I found a class in the local gym on a Tuesday; with some nice friends  to go with so that I can’t make excuses 🙂 and last weekend I spent three days down the Gower at the All Roots yoga mini festival, which was honestly not that mini! It was however absolutely amazing!


I’d never actually been to the Gower before which seems criminal! It’s stunning, and we were in 3 cliffs bay which just wow!


I got there nice and early on the Friday and had time for a trek down to the beach and a lovely swim, my first time in the sea I think since 2006 at a mud festival in Korea! It was lovely, really warm really fun, I did however yet again forget just how quickly the tide comes in around here! And my clothes and towel got a little bit wet, so I had to walk back up to the camp site in my swimsuit oooops!

Then it was time for the yoga, and wow was there a lot of choice! So many options! I did everything that was available on the Friday evening, so between that and my beach visit my calves were not playing ball on the Sat afternoon so I had to sit out a few classes.

So in the end I managed 12 classes/workshops over the weekend, which I thoroughly enjoyed and was very proud of myself for managing, I did miss a few things I really really wanted to go to, like Qi Gong on the beach, and Belly Dancing, so I think some pre festival training will be needed next year 🙂 although I don’t know if any training will make me able to get to 6.30am Kundalini! I really want to try it, but I’m the anti morning person!

What I did make it to was

  • Sound Yoga
  • Vini Yoga
  • Somatic Movement
  • Friday evening dance ….I can’t remember what this was called but it was amazing, one of the highlights
  • Ellies creative flow class
  • Satyanda Yoga
  • Yoga outside with Katie after the Yin class was too full, another definite highlight, particularly fun trying to relax at the end all on top of each other under a gazebo, one guy even managed to lie down under the table.
  • Chanting and Singing on the Sat night.
  • Half of a Gitananda Yoga class, again the morning thing :p
  • Zenergy
  • Yoga for Women working towards balance
  • And finally my first ever Kirtan session, and I can see what everyone has been raving about!

Add to that some amazing people, some of whom I had met before but also lots of total strangers that gave my lifts to and from the Gower, got their clothes soaked in the sea alongside mine, ate great food, relaxed, chilled, chanted and pretended to be a paintbrush with me 🙂

Probably the highlight though was the Friday night walk back to the tent in the moonlight (I think it was a supermoon) with a still clear sea reflecting it and coming across 4 white ponies practically glowing in the moors. One of the foals even came up and nuzzled at my outstretched hand. It was magic! Unicorn horns would not have surprised me at all!  

To say I slept on the Sunday night when I got home is a little bit of an understatement! I have never slept so well, especially after the two nights in a tent. Honestly settling back into a normal week was rough, especially with no one cooking me amazing vegan food for every meal…. wow was the food good! But I survived knowing that the following Sunday (yesterday) I was going on a yogafever one day retreat in a roundhouse.

The setting was beautiful, the people were fab and I got to see Cath and Sharon who I hadn’t seen in aaaaaages! And I even had family there since my cousin came down for the day. Every weekend should have a yoga retreat, I’m feeling so chilled and relaxed now and I really had forgotten how good mud feels in bare feet 🙂 less shoes for me!

The real challenge starts now though! No more retreats/festivals booked, just my one class a week, so I’m going to have to get going on that home practice!


I can do it!

I WILL do it!



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