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A special treat to my 500th Etsy customer

A few months ago I didn’t notice my etsy shop pass the 500 sales mark, and I didn’t get to celebrate 🙁

But because so many people have bought more then one item in an order I didn’t actually pass the 500 orders milestone yet! And excitingly I expect to in the next week or so!dino earrings 2015-07-31 138

So in honour of that and how happy it will make me, I’m going to spread the happy 🙂 the lucky customer will get a special present 🙂 And since I love all things bunny, it will be bunny related!

So if you’re my 500th etsy customer you will get a message from a very excited me, thanking you and giving you the choice between a set of 5 bunny earrings or a pair of bunny cufflinks that will be dispatched with your original order as a present.

So if you’re thinking about buying soon and you’d like possibly to get a little extra present for yourself, hop 2015-07-06 Cufflink pics with Conan 031  on over to my etsy shop 🙂 bunny earrings small



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