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Valentines is approaching and I’m all stocked up! …with free post!

Ooooh I have had a super productive week and yesterday I got the light to finally photo some of it!

So drumroll please! I have 98 items on etsy now and I WILL hit the 100 by the time I call it quits tonight, I have both new designs and new products in the shape of key rings! I now have the entire zodiac done and up as pendants and you can order, either earrings, cuff links or key chains! I’m also offering Jewellery sets to save you a little more money 🙂

And don’t forget still offering freepost up untill Valentines! Just enter the code “HAPPYVALENTINES” at the checkout!

So here is a little snippet of the huge amount of photos I took yesterday …I topped 400!
I’d love some opinions!

2 thoughts on “Valentines is approaching and I’m all stocked up! …with free post!

  1. Beautiful photos. And well done taking so many and being so productive…I’ve got jelly head at the moment and can’t focus long enough to get anything worthwhile done. The coloured pendant is my favourite x

  2. Thanks Cat, today is a new day brush away the fuzz and go for it!
    I’m hoping to get some more enameling done on Monday it’s so much fun and I love the colours! But I need a whole day to do it!

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