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Time for boobies!

I’ve finally launched my boobie earrings! I have been trying to do this for about 8 months ever since just before I hit the one year breastfeeding mark. I decided I wanted to make myself some golden boobies and if I wanted some I probably wasn’t the only one!

First up we have silver boobies for 6months, and golden boobies for a year, I can take orders for platinum for 18 months but they will be cast not made by hand by me, thats just the nature of platinum and I am going to experiment with various stone nipples….there is a sentence I never thought I’d type! 

The World Health Organisation recommends breastfeeding until 2 plus years of age, that is the official guidance here in the UK. According to unicef in the UK only 34% of women are still breastfeeding in some way at 6months, and it doesn’t look like the data for past 6 months is even collected, I know I haven’t been asked, somewhat making a mockery of the official policy! I know as I feed a toddler as opposed to a baby that I am getting some strange looks, thankfully I’ve also gotten lots of supportive comments and I have been thanked by mothers with babies of all ages for letting them know its ok to breastfeed in a space.

We NEED to normalise breastfeeding! We NEED to celebrate it! We NEED to acknowledge the achievement it is for the dyad, the commitment in time alone for the mother is huge and that’s if there are no other barriers to overcome! We NEED to support any woman that wants to feed, for however long they want to feed!  And yes that includes supporting the woman that doesn’t want to feed it is her choice, its her body!

In my experience and that of many many of my friends the support is not there, and in fact the “help” you get is often detrimental to breastfeeding, but there are some amazing charities helping to educate, normalise and support. With this in mind every month for sales via my own site, for each pair of silver boobie earrings £10 and for each pair of golden boobie earrings £30 will be donated to a breastfeeding charity. I will vary this  charity from month to month, and update via this blog what charity it is, first up will be donations to La Leche league and since we’re already half way through September they will get donations for any sales up until Halloween. 

So here finally are my silver boobies and golden boobies earrings….. I’ve hit 18 months feeding now which is platinum, but for some reason the year and the golden boobs where what I really really wanted to achieve, and now however long we keep feeding and I hope its years yet,  its just for the cuddles, …….and the antibodies and cancer prevention!

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