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The Momma Told Me effect

Rings rings everywhere!

I’m loving the reaction from the review and give away on Momma Told Me blog! Lots of new followers on twitter and Facebook! and if you haven’t already liked my Facebook page pop over there for a special offer going until Friday!

I’m also really happy because every so often I Google myself just to see how I’m doing and what comes up and now if you Google Fragment Designs my Facebook page shows up 3rd, and if you Google sjegan you get my Etsy shop at the top of the page! Woohoo!

Another nice little part of the Momma Told Me effect (as I’m not going to call it from now on) is the amazing amount of comments and feedback I’ve gotten on what people like and would like to see in my shop. Armed with this info I have been in the workroom, annoying the poor long suffering neighbours with my hammering and here is a sample of the new items which will be listed over the next few days.

My first bezel set ring!
The stone is amber and I’m keeping this one for me!

Of course a huge amount of my shop features bunnies, making these items the ideal Easter present, and don’t forget if you’re in North America and want something for Easter it needs to be posted over the next day or two!

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  1. Oh my goodness, that Scottie is too cute! Love it Sarah! ~Jenna M Wood

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