Silver Boobies Earrings



Congratulations you made it to 6 months breastfeeding, you officially have silver boobies!

These earrings are a pair of sterling silver boobs each 1.2cm diameter and made from recycled metals. Each boob is made by hand and will be a little imperfect, like all the best boobs are 😀

Breastfeeding is one of the hardest and most wonderful things I have ever done! If you made it to 6 months you are a superstar!  My little girl was very badly tongue tied and we were told she wasn’t, those few weeks before we got another opinion and the tie snipped were agony plain and simple and terrifying with this little crying hungry girl that I just wanted to feed! I wasn’t supported, I hope you were, I hope every woman who wants to feed is supported! So for each pair of silver boobie earrings I sell via my own site, £10 will be donated to a breastfeeding support charity,  the charity will vary from month to month see my blog posts for the charity of the month.

For current lead times please see my store notice that should have popped up when you came to my site. If required I can send directly to a recipient other then yourself with or without a gift note, just let me know in a note at the checkout. And keep and eye on my instagram and Facebook for lots of behind the scenes photos and videos, you might just see your piece getting made!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about with silver, golden and platinum boobies they are part of a series of “awards” to acknowledge how amazing breastfeeding is and how much of an achievement, they are not meant to shame anyone for not doing it. No one that doesn’t want to should ever have to! Currently we mostly live in a world where many more people want to breastfeed then are supported and helped to. Then even when they do it they get no acknowledgement of it, and lets be honest, even if you have no problems and you enjoy it all the time, it is still a HUGE time commitment at the very least! So I like to think of the breastfeeding awards like a medal for a marathon, I never want to run a marathon, its not my thing, but I have friends that have run them and I am so happy for them and proud of them that they did this thing they wanted to and I will cheer them on even if its their 20th marathon cause its not easy, but they wanted to do it and they put in the work and congratulations!

Golden boobies for 1 year are available here


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