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Resin day

The resin is done! And nearly set and it looks fab! Very very happy with it! Yay! Once it has fully set pics will follow!
Spent some time today getting up listings and made a very cute little bunny ring which I will be road testing to work tomorrow to check that it’s nice and sturdy, and because it’s soooooo cute! A pendant mostly ready to go, for resin too, really loving the resin colours!

Resin setting, proper pictures to follow when its all set!

My order of silver has been dispatched; I got carried away online last night! Also bought a rolling mill which I have wanted forever, but they’re not cheap! So I used my money earned from the commission and then some L to invest (invest not splurge I swear) in one, very excited! Hope it’s here for the weekend!
Decorations from the kiln came out pretty well, gonna start rolling them out online soon, …..when I get another day to fire more!
Oh ye and the film Friends with Benefits is really good J

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