Owl Earrings




A pair of sterling silver owl earrings, each owl is handsawn from eco silver a recycled supply of sterling silver and is approx 1.3cm tall.

Choose from a mismatched or matching pair of owls, if you select a matching pair I will make them to face eachother, please also note that they are each individually handsawn so they may not match perfectly, but I’m pretty good 😉 and you probably wont be able to notice the slight difference.

Owls are seen as wise as well as mysterious and feminine, I can get behind that! The goddess of wisdom athena was initially represented as an Owl and later in human form often accompanied by an owl. Most owls are nocturnal or crepuscular although some such as the little owl or Athene noctua can be seen during the day.

Owls are my surprise animal of April  2019, the cufflinks can be found here.

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Matching pair of Owl 1, Matching pair of Owl 2, Mismatched pair


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