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My Birthday challenge to myself! 39km

It’s my birthday this month, I’ll be 39! I still feel about 25 so just how long has this pandemic been!  …A few years ago I came across Katy Bowman (thanks to amazing yogi Cath)  and no exaggeration reading her books changed the way I think and the way I live and most importantly the pain I was living in! I still have back problems but it made such an amazing difference transitioning to barefoot shoes and using Katys stretches etc that just wow! 

So lots of people who know me have heard me talking about her and I’m a bit of a fan girl at this stage and something Katy does for her birthday is walk her age, so 40miles for her 40th birthday for example, or a whopping 440 miles for her 44th!!!! And while listening to this podcast a few months ago I decided I wanted to do something similar. However I’m not in shape enough for 39 miles and I also usually have a toddler along for the walk with me! So I’m going to walk 39km over 13 days, that means 3km a day which I know Maebh can do, we did it today for example. Some days we might do more but that’s the minimum, and a few days I might go out alone rather then drag her if she’s tired. I’m going to start next Saturday the 18th through to the end of the month, please hold me accountable! It should make for 13 days full of trains and parks and smiles and picnics and laughs. I’m thinking at least one beach walk, Bute park. Roath park, Cefn Onn, Cardiff bay, and I’m open to suggestions for more places to visit! And we would also love some company along the way if you’re free any day and want to come along the more the merrier!

Be warned it will be at toddler pace with regular rock collecting or flower smelling etc 🙂 

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