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Mummified Dodo and Megalosaurus Jaw!

Not a bee I would like to see in my garden! It’s massive! This specimen belonged to Alfred Wallace, if you haven’t heard of him look him up! Fascinating guy, and great exhibition in Amgueddfa Cymru last year

So today I got ot see two of the coolest things ever! A mummified Dodo head and a Megalosaurus jaw, not just any jaw but the jaw that led to a new genus being created which later became dinosaurs. So the first dinosaur fossil!

The skeleton is almost complete just a few cast pieces, and it can normally be found in the Clore Gallery in the Amgueddfa Cymru Cardiff. …. Where if you’re lucky you can sometimes find me 🙂

Both pieces are in the Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay for anyone to see, there’s one case either side of the ticket desk. They’ll be there I think tomorrow and then I’m not sure about the weekend but they’re definitely gone by Monday. The cases are filled with lots of other amazing objects and they are a collaboration between Amgueddfa Cymru or National Museum of Wales and the Museum of Natural History Oxford. There is currently a big natural science museums conference happening this week, unfortunately you need a ticket for that, but the display cases are just there for you to oooh and ahhh over 🙂

If you can go check them out!

If not, well here’s some pics I took on my phone 🙂


It’s a dodo head! Kinda creepy you could see it’s eyes!
And here is the jaw! Such an amazing specimen, but also a piece of human scientific history!
A king penguin brought back by Shackleton!


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