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Maternity Leave

I’m delighted to be expecting baby number 2 shortly 🙂 well in April so not that shortly! It’s really 10 months not 9 people!

So I will be taking maternity leave and that means this shop and my others will be closing for a while. I’m hoping to be able to take a good few months, with 2 kids to look after I feel like I’ll be plenty busy! So pretty much if you were planning on ordering this calendar year now is the time! My maternity leave is due to start March 20th, but I am already on extended lead times as I am a little exhausted and slow and babies do have a mind and timetable of their own so please order sooner rather then later. For gold orders I am saying March the 5th is the cut off to allow time for hallmarking etc. 

While I’m on maternity leave you will be able to buy some pieces from Y Galeri in Caerphilly and my husband Conan will be keeping an eye on emails, instagram, facebook etc but there will be a few days delay in responses as he has his own business to run.


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