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Made By Hand

2015-11-05 Made By Hand 038Well it’s all over including the shouting, and I’m just about recovered! It was exhausting but it was fun!

For anyone that I didn’t already tell about it…you must be very good at hiding….Friday to Sunday last weekend was spent at Cardiff City Hall, taking part in Made By Hand Contemporary Craft Fair.

As Saturday was Halloween, I was there with wings on and sweets to give out, I must say great way to start a conversation!Ā 2015-11-05 Made By Hand 0612015-11-05 Made By Hand 0652015-11-05 Made By Hand 053

2015-11-05 Made By Hand 045
I did say it was exhausting

A good portion of the weekend was spent keeping Jim company at the edge of my stand, took a while to figure out who he was, for some reason no one saw fit to give him a name plate! But locals filled me in, and gave out to me for not knowing the former prime minister and local boy Jim Callaghan. I’m playing the Irish card! That and the fact that he was prime minister before I was born! He made a nice companion for the weekend though šŸ™‚Ā 


I was on the stand pretty much the whole time so I didn’t get a huge amount of time to wander around with my camera, but the boy did cover me for a little bit on the Saturday so here’s a few pics šŸ™‚

2015-11-05 Made By Hand 009
Some lovely work by Mandy Nash

2015-11-05 Made By Hand 011

2015-11-05 Made By Hand 024
I think these pieces by Rob Braybrooks were probably some of my favourite things there.

2015-11-05 Made By Hand 027

2015-11-05 Made By Hand 040
I had some lovely company from Quercus Silver all weekend while I drooled over her work.

2015-11-05 Made By Hand 043

2015-11-05 Made By Hand 035
Also loved these silk map treasures from Home Front Vintage. Oh I wanted the dress!
2015-11-05 Made By Hand 001
There was a lovely collection of art by King Monkton School in Cardiff. Both creepy and beautiful.

2015-11-05 Made By Hand 071And I finally got to wear my Constellation skirt….. bought on Etsy from PicknMix. I loved it so much I’ve ordered one with the periodic table topsy turvy on it šŸ™‚

Although that one wont glow in the dark so it will be significantly less cool!

2015-11-05 Made By Hand 069


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