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Locked Within and Silent Oath

So today I wanted to give a shout out to a friend of mine who has managed to fulfill one of my lives ambitions (I’ll get there too) and has had a novel (or two) published. His debut novel was Locked Within which was out late last year and the sequel has just come out titled Silent Oath, the conclusion of the trilogy will be out around this time next year.

I’ve read Locked Within and I really really enjoyed it, it’s not a short book (not War and Peace either) and I read in it two days, mostly that was in one night when I went to bed 10ish and actually turned the lights off 3ish! Which I think says it all! You can find lots of reviews here

I haven’t read the second yet as life is a little too busy and I’m a bit particular about re-reading all the books in a series before I read the new one, so I’m keeping it until my Christmas holidays to read them both back to back.

Anyway just wanted to say congrats Paul, and I expect you to write lots more books to keep me entertained.

Anyone that’s interested, both books are available on amazon, just follow the links below.

Silent OathLocked Within

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Sarah!

    I hope you enjoy Silent Oath 😉

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