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Lay off Newport!




I headed to Newport last week, and before I went I asked on facebook what was fun to do there. Wow people were harsh! One of the nicest thing I was told is “Newport centre is a work in progress” some people actually just laughed and there was swearing, …in fairness I did get a few suggestions about he transporter bridge and other stuff outside town but I was headed to the town centre. Despite this glowing recommendation! I had to go anyway, so on Sat myself and the boy headed over and I was pleasantly surprised! So I wanna say lay off Newport!







The mosaics were amazing! I’ve never seen the like, worth a visit just to see them, I tried to get some pics but unfortunately I only had my phone so they’re not great, but wow!

small 2



…. also lots of creepy statues in the town I just couldn’t make head nor tail of!



The reason I went to Newport in the first place was to to drop off some stock for the Riverfront Arts centres Christmas Creatives exhibition, running the 1st Nov to the 28th. The centre is really nice and the staff couldn’t have been nicer to talk to. Looks like it’s going to be a great exhibition of local work so get yourself down there to see it ….you can go see a show and the mosaics at the same time so it’s win win!



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