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Last Order Dates

I’m not sure how we got here! But November is nearly over, I’m halfway through the new Gilmore Girl episodes and it’s nearly getting to last Christmas order dates.

As always I will post after these dates but it will be past the official Royal Mail last posting dates so if its a Christmas present there is a good chance it will be late 🙁 sad times, couriers can be arranged if you really really want, but prices will depend on where you are so contact me directly if that’s what you need. Gold orders will need an additional 2 weeks on these dates to allow for Hallmarking.

Otherwise for general postage of silver items here are the dates for your region.


Africa, Middle East : Order by 30th and white me at bench

Asia, Cyprus, Far East, Japan, Eastern Europe (ex. Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia : Order by the 5th

Caribbean, Central & South America: Order by the 6th

Greece, Australia, New Zealand: Order by the 8th

Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland: Order by the 12th

Canada, Finland, Sweden, USA: Order by the 13th

Austria, Iceland, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland: Order by the 14th

Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg: Order by the 15th

UK: Order by 19th

Depending on how busy I get I may have to push some of my last order dates back so please don’t wait until the last moment, the goalposts aren’t cemented into the ground!

And of course you can find me on ETSY 🙂 whenever you want, but you can also find me offline in Etsy Bristol pop up shop until 15th December and on the 4th of December at the amazing Cardiff and Valleys Etsy Made Local event at Tramshed Cardiff.

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