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Interview with Silver Paw!!!!

So would you like to introduce yourself?
Hi my name is Silver Paw, like most Polar Bears I am originally from Canada but somehow after a very very long swim I ended up in Cardiff as a model for silver jewellery. Life’s just strange like that!

What was your early life like? Do you have any family?
For the first two and a half years of my life I lived with my mother and my twin brother; I never knew my Dad. We spent our time roaming across the ice in Northern Canada and learning to swim and hunt and to look out for other bears.

But you didn’t stay there?
Neither of them supported my dream to be a model and since I knew how to fend for myself I took off on a long swim through the Arctic Ocean; stopping for a few snacks along the way of course, and I haven’t seen either of them since. Just wait till they see me on billboards! That’ll show them!

It definitely will! So you always wanted to be a model?
Ye since I was a little cub and I first saw the CocaCola Christmas adds, I thought if that guy could do it, so could I. My mother even told me that’s my Dad, but I’m not sure I believe her.

Oh so modelling might be in the family.
Maybe, you never know 😉

So on the rare occasion you have some free time between photo shoots, what do you get up to?
Oh you know, the normal, hanging out with friends, catching a seal or two, watching a movie. Mostly I love to swim and well very few people know this about me, but I loooooove to dance!
the interviewer later went onto youtube and found a clip of Silver Paw dancing away, perhaps Strictly come dancing will be the next step in his stellar career!

So what’s next for you?
First up will be more modelling for Fragment Designs of course, I hear there may be a few more additions to the Rose range as well as a few other top secret projects. After that I might take some time off, maybe do a charity swim or two, and then see if I can get into acting.

Well good luck, it’s been great talking to you, hope it goes great!
Lovely talking to you too, enjoy the rest of your day.

In my spare time I like to swim, a lot! but what most people don’t realise is I like to dance and sing too!

Watch out for Silver Paw on a Billboard near you!

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