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Howl O Ween

A couple of weekends ago I spent a Sunday evening over at a friends with my camera some paper back drops and two dogs in various fancy dress.

It was all in aid of a good cause, the charity Oldies are running a Halloween Doggy party and photo competition, but I’ll be honest I was just having a ball! So here’s some of the very silly photos from the night 🙂


The photogenic smilly Staffie Rossi, careful now she might lick your face off!2015-09-20 Halloween Oldies photos 061


And the not so happy to be there Louie, …..still cute, but I think he thought we were all crazy!  He may be right! 2015-09-20 Halloween Oldies photos 025


2015-09-20 Halloween Oldies photos 0012015-09-20 Halloween Oldies photos 136   2015-09-20 Halloween Oldies photos 073

Payment in rubs was required, very demanding models!

2015-09-20 Halloween Oldies photos 0752015-09-20 Halloween Oldies photos 107

And each had their own stylist!

2015-09-20 Halloween Oldies shoot 2 172

Regular breaks were also required, equity rules and all that 2015-09-20 Halloween Oldies photos 197

2015-09-20 Halloween Oldies photos 112



While Rossi may have been a bigger smiler, I think Louie was going in for some method acting, I am a Vampire mwhaaaaa!

2015-09-20 Halloween Oldies photos 134

2015-09-20 Halloween Oldies shoot 2 207



Then it was time for a drink, and they are civilised doggies so a table was set out, the waiter called. 2015-09-20 Halloween Oldies shoot 2 1272015-09-20 Halloween Oldies shoot 2 1692015-09-20 Halloween Oldies shoot 2 0372015-09-20 Halloween Oldies shoot 2 0452015-09-20 Halloween Oldies shoot 2 189

And who doesn’t like a little nap after dinner! But a models work is never done, so we got one last shot with their stylists Tracey and Amy.


2015-09-20 Halloween pics of tracey and amy 003

If you’reinterestd in getting involved, info on both the photo comp and the party can be found here

It really is a great cause, and I’m really proud to call these people friends!

Rossi is with Tracey now just over a year and she is the sweetest most easy going dog I’ve ever met, without oldies who knows where she would have ended up. Old dogs have a harder time finding homes, but they often come with a lot of advantages like not being a puppy that tears your house apart! So if you’re looking for a dog anytime soon, please think about adopting an oldie.12033583_10156033845245507_55276054_n


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