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Hay Festival

I was thrilled to be able to make it to the Hay Festival last Monday and to spend a day being entertained and educated. And in the sun as well! I packed my day in with talks and managed to snap a few photos in between.

The talks I went to were:

Each of the talks were great, but I think my favourite was Stalin and Mao, both authors really knew their stuff and were obviously interested in what they were talking about and what the other person was talking about too, which paid off for us in the audience with lots of great little stories. Both Stalin and Mao are figures I find fascinating but know very little about and I probably will be buying some books soon!

I tried on the day to buy the Romanovs but I couldn’t find it so I think it was sold out! …it was a very good talk. And I got the audio books of both Ruby Wax and Caitlin Morans books, I’d just finished another of Caitlin Morans books so I’m breaking it up by listing to Ruby Wax first, both of them read the books themselves which is always a plus and so far I’m enjoying it.

So here’s a few photos from the day, and the festival is on until Sunday, so if you can make it go for it, this was my third year and I’ll be back again next year 🙂

One suggestion though for the veggies and vegans out there, bring your own lunch, it was disappointingly slim pickings this year!


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